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ABOUT US: EVOL CHEMISTRY is a chemical plant in Izmir with experienced personnel, producing protective and decorative coating systems for concrete, wood and steel surfaces. As a company with 35 years of experience in the sector; We know the needs of industries well, we expand and adapt our product range in accordance with these needs; We also have an understanding of the work processes of specific sectors, which allows us to make specific decisions for projects and carry out all processes carefully so that practitioners can obtain the best results.
We have a monthly production capacity of 500 tons in our factory, the plant is located in a closed area of 2100 m2 and an open area of 1700 m2. Our factory bases its production portfolio on its own research and development and on the experience gained in the sector; we are constantly developing. Thanks to our experienced technical staff, we provide consulting services and develop solutions for prestigious domestic and international projects.
EVOL CHEMISTRY; The company also develops analytical systems for waterproofing and flooring that require high technical expertise; Offers turnkey solutions as per technical specifications through approved application development companies.
EVOL CHEMISTRY also produces its own resin systems, providing all the chemical diversity required by the furniture industry through its research and development of polymers; The company continues to develop paints and varnishes, including acrylic, polyurethane, cellulose, synthetic, polyester and water-based.
EVOL CHEMISTRY; We add value to people and nature, give new life to wood, metal and concrete surfaces, provide comfort in rooms; In addition, by extending the service life of these surfaces, we contribute to the protection of nature and people.

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