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About Us

As a chemical factory established in Izmir, EVOL KİMYA, with its 25 years experienced technical staff, produces protecting and decorative coating systems for concrete, wood and steel surfaces.

As a new company in the sector, EVOL KİMYA, which knows the sector needs very well, serves with the product portfolio suitable for the sector's needs and with the products that help the designers and users to produce economical and functional solutions.

EVOL KİMYA has the production capacity of 500 tons per month in its factory in 1800 m2 closed and 2100 m2 open area.

EVOL KİMYA developing its product portfolio based on its R&D Center and the experience gained from the market.

With the technical staff who has gained experience in major national and foreign construction and industrial projects, it also provides consultancy services in new projects and project productions and produces solutions.

EVOL KİMYA also designs coating systems suitable for your projects for water isolation and floor coatings which require know-how, prepares specifications and offers turnkey solutions with certified implementer dealers.

EVOL KİMYA, as a chemical factory adopts human service as a principle, helps create environments with their products that improve aesthetics and comfort characteristics in concrete, steel and wood usage in the living spaces fora happy and peaceful life.

At the same time, it provides an economic contribution to the exhaustion of world assets by providing protection against environmental conditions in concrete, steel and wooden structures with its paint and coating products.