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EVOL KIMYA manufactures paints and coatings for the protection of structural steel surfaces and steel industry structures against corrosion with its own brand.

It serves on vehicle equipment sector, agriculture equipment, and general machinery industry producers with protective paints that increase the value of their products and produces solutions that will create attractiveness in the product of the producers.

It serves structural steel producers with anticorrosive paints in accordance with ISO 12944 and helps to protect the investment of the industrialists.

We are at your service with our paint system solutions based on our R&D works for the protection of the steel construction investments like an airport, mall, chemical plants, store, steel plant and steel industrial structures in petrochemical plants, storage tanks, and pipes, port facilities.

EvolKimya leads the introduction of new generation of polyurea product group has been developed as a result of its own R&D works which is more durable for protection steel structures from corrosion and conducive to get service easier than existing systems.


Corrosion is the loss of the function of a substance as a result of its interaction with the environment.As a result of the corrosion of the steel, a different substance ensues which has lost its characteristic features.This is one of the most important problems of steel.

Many techniques have been developed to retard the corrosion of carbon steel. Protective paints are the commonly used of these techniques due to their sufficient performance, easy accessibility, and decorative image quality, in addition, different product characteristics.

In steel structures protected by anticorrosive paint and coating system with suitable properties;

  • Investment life increases,
  • Maintenance costs decrease,
  • Resistance to ambient corrosive effects increases.

In order to get expected results from the paint applications, independent organizations (NACE, SSPC, FROSIO)have determined the tests and controls that should be done in the field during the implementation and developed training programs for paint implementers and field inspectors.

For performing field tests are adopted methods which have been determined by international standards.

EVOL KIMYA helps the customers through their experienced certified field inspectors to carry out the painting projects in accordance with the paint system and standards. For this purpose with;

  • Paint system selection,
  • Surface preparation before implementation,
  • Suitable environment and weather conditions before implementation,
  • Conformity to selected paint system and thickness during implementation,
  • Conformity to overcoat times during application,
  • Field tests after the application,

inspects and reports the application of the appropriate painting project.