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Floor Coatings

With its own brand, EVOL KİMYA produces flooring products that will bring comfort, aesthetics, and hygiene to people's living spaces.

It manufactures epoxy and polyurethane based flooring products for a wide range of living areas such as

  • Hospital and Laboratories
  • Food Premises
  • Hotel/Mall/Residence
  • Parking Area/Garage/Store
  • Sports Arenas, running and walking tracks
  • Industrial Enterprises.

We produce permanent solution with polyurethane special coating produced under the PLASTCOAT sub-brand which is patented by our company and our product group with successful field experiences in

  • Industrial facilities requiring high compressive resistance
  • Food premises where floor is permanent wet
  • Chemical production enterprises
  • In cold storages where stress in concrete construction because of thermal shock,

where epoxy-based coatings are not successful.

In the line with your request, we provide the implementation of your project properly to the selected isolation system through our implementer dealers and under the supervision of our technical service personnel.